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Spinnable fibers

Getting started

Where Do You Get Handspinning Supplies? (5 sources for every area)

What Is The Easiest Wool To Spin?

What Are The Characteristics Of An Easy To Spin Wool?

Which Wool Is Best For Handspinners To Start With?

9 Beginner friendly wools to spin

Ready to spin fiber

Should You Spin With Combed Top And Where To Get It

Can You Spin With Other Materials, Not Just Wool?

What Wool Is Best For Handspinning?

How To Choose A Wool That You Will Like To Spin

Should Handspinners Use Wool Roving?

Wool Roving Or Batts: Which one should you use and why?

Wool Roving Or Top: Which one you should use and why

Wool Roving Or Sliver: Which is best for handspinning and why?

What Is Pencil Roving And When Would You Spin It?

Can You Spin Wool Roving?

Continuous Wool Roving: What is it and how to make it

Is Roving Made Out Of Wool?

What Is Pin Drafted Roving And When Should You Use It?

Wool Roving: What is it, what to use it for & where to buy it

What Is The Difference Between Rolags And Roving?

Can You Handspin Combed Top?

Can You Handspin Wool Batting?

What is the best roving to use for handspinning?

Sheep wools

Do Fleeces Of The Same Breed Of Sheep Spin Differently?

How To Pick A Handspinning Fleece You’ll Love

Which Wool To Spin? Breed specific differences in wools

How To Pick The Best Wool To Spin For Your Project

What Is A Raw Wool Fleece? (And should you buy one?)

How Much Does It Cost To Spin Wool?

Can You Spin Wool Without Carding It?

5 Tips To Match A Fleece And Your Handspinning Project

The 7 Best Places To Get Wool For Handspinning

What Is Crimp In Wool? (And why it matters!)

What Staple Length Is Needed For Wool To Be Spun?

What Is Staple Length In Wool & Why It Matters!

What Happens To Wool After Shearing?

8 Tips For Buying Wool From A Small Farmer

6 Wools That Are Hard To Spin

Raw Wool vs. Washed Wool: Which is best for handspinning?

Is Merino Hard To Spin?

Angora rabbit wool

What Is Angora Wool Used For?

Why Is Angora Rabbit Wool Expensive?

Are Angora Rabbits Killed For Their Wool?

Pros And Cons Of Spinning Angora Rabbit Fiber

Mohair (goat)

Are Goats Killed For Mohair?

Why Is Mohair Expensive?

Choosing Mohair For Handspinning

Fiber preparation

Preparing fiber at home

How To Prepare Wool For Handspinning

3 Tips For Using Carded Wool For Handspinning Yarn

How Do You Process Wool At Home?

How Do You Prepare Angora Wool For Spinning?

How Do You Blend Mohair For Handspinning?

How To Make Roving Out Of Your Own Wool

How To Get Raw Wool Ready For Spinning In The Grease

How to make roving with hand cards

How to make wool roving at home

Continuous wool roving: What is it and how to make it


Carding To Blend Your Spinning Fibers (For Beginners)

6 Tips To Prepare Your Wool For Carding (Flick, hand or drum carders)

10 Tips For Using Your Flick Carder

Which Card Do You Use For Your Wool?

How To Prepare Mohair For Spinning (Combing or carding)

Do You Need To Wash Wool Before Carding It?

Can You Use Dog Brushes For Carding Wool?

What Do You Use Wool Hand Carders For?

Drum carder

How To Use A Drum Carder

How To Choose The Best Drum Carder For You

What Does A Drum Carder Do That’s So Special?

Pros And Cons Of Drum Carders vs. Hand Carding

Is A Drum Carder Worth It?


What Is A Rolag And Why Would You Make Them?

How Do You Make Rolags Without A Blending Board?

Can You Dye Rolags?


Using Unicorn Power Scour For Washing Raw Wool

Can You Wash Carded Wool? (with options and tips)

How Do You Wash Wool In A Suint Bath?

How Do You Dry Raw Wool After Washing It?

What Can You Use To Wash Wool For Handspinning?

Is Suint The Same As Lanolin In Unwashed Wool?

7 Steps To Wash Raw Wool For Felting

Do You Need To Wash Wool Before Spinning?

How To Wash Mohair For Handspinning

How To Wash Raw Wool Before Spinning


Are Colored Sheep Fleeces Dyeable?

6 Ways To Dye Handspun Yarn

Easy Ways To Dye Wool For Handspinning

When Should You Dye Wool? (fleece to finished project)

Do You Dye Wool As Fleece Or Yarn?


Getting started

How To Spin Pencil Roving For Beginners

Is It Easy To Learn To Spin Wool?

What Supplies Are Needed To Start Spinning Wool?

What Are The Basic Skills You Need To Learn To Spin Wool?

What Is The Easiest Way To Handspin Yarn?

Do You Need To Take A Class To Learn To Spin Wool?

What Is The Cost To Get Started Spinning Wool?


Can You Weave With Your Own Handspun Yarn?

11 Ways To Ply Handspun Yarn

7 Ways To Finish Handspun Yarn (with Pros and Cons)

7 Tips To Like The Yarn You Are Spinning

How To Hand Spin Angora Wool For Beginners

Is Angora Hard To Spin?

Which Angora Rabbit Wool Is Best To Spin?

What Is Spinning From The Fold? (And how to do it!)

Should You Spin Worsted Or Woolen?

7 Tips To Easily Spin Mohair Into Yarn

How Do You Spin Yarn At The Gauge You Want?

Can You Spin Wool By Hand?

How Much Yarn Can You Spin From One Sheep’s Fleece?

Can You Handspin Raw Wool?

Pros And Cons Of Handspinning Wool Yarn

Does Spinning Your Own Yarn Save You Money?

How Do You Spin Long Stapled Wool?

Can You Spin Your Own Wool?

How To Handspin Raw Wool

Why Do You Need To Spin Wool?

Is Spinning Your Own Yarn Worth It?

How to spin wool roving into yarn

Wheels and spindles

Is A Spinning Wheel Still Used Today?

Should You Learn To Spin On A Wheel Or A Spindle?

How Do You Spin Wool Without A Spinning Wheel?

5 Easy To Use Beginner Friendly Spinning Wheels

Should You Buy A Louet Spinning Wheel?

Cost Of A Spinning Wheel (with examples)

Find The Best Spinning Wheel For You

What Is The Minimum Equipment Needed To Spin Wool?

Changing your results

7 Tips To Spin A Tighter Yarn

3 Ways To Fix Over Spun Yarn (and 5 things to prevent over twisting)

7 Tips To Spin Yarn With Less Twist

5 Things To Do With Uneven Yarn (& tips to prevent it!)