Woolmaven Beginning Spinner Course

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Want to learn handspinning? I can help you with that!

Beginning spinners, especially total beginners can feel overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about what steps to take and in what order to learn how all this works. It’s a lot to figure out on your own, I know it was for me.

As a new spinner I was constantly frustrated and when the yarn would actually hold together (sadly, it took a while to even get to this point!), it was still terrible-corkscrews upon corkscrews. Yeah, it was bad. But…it was also the best I could do since I didn’t have any help.

I was stuck for years in this spot, making terrible yarn and wondering what I was doing wrong and not knowing how to fix it. I would quit for a while, then try again, with the same results, the yarn was still terrible.

Finally, after years (not kidding) of frustration and worse than overspun corkscrew-topia yarn, I finally started to figure a few things out.

Now I can spin just about whatever I want, in whatever way I want to spin it. I don’t have to be scared of messing it up or not being able to handle something nice or something that really catches my eye. I’m confident that I can work it out. Perfectly, of course not, but I know I’ll get there and so can you. Let me help!

Woolmaven Handspinning is a beginner level course

Woolmaven Handspinning is made for the total beginner, it will take you from having no idea what is going on with your wheel to being comfortable with your wheel and a confident spinner! Give yourself a chance and join the course!

There is also a community where you can ask your questions and post pictures and more importantly, post your wins! We also have a live video call a few times a month, so you could attend and get your questions answered or, if you can’t make it to the live, send in questions ahead of time or watch the replay.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it is hard to get straight answer on some of the free platforms. Sometimes the answers veer off of your original question, are just plain cranky or completely not helpful. That stinks and is frustrating.

If this is what you are finding and you want something different, consider an alternative route. We treat people well and love exploring handspinning and the connection that comes with it. If that sounds good to you, join us! We’d love to have you!